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Tue 08, September 2015

New SAE Class I Surface/Bracket Mount Directional LED

The ED3022 LED directional light offers long life, maintenance-free operation, features an aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens, and three LEDs that provide 12 synchronizable flash patterns. The ED3022 can be surface or bracket mounted. Supplied with a bezel matching color of illumination, optional colored bezels are available as accessories. All of these features plus its 3-year warranty make this powerful LED a smart choice for a compact auxiliary warning light.

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Tue 08, September 2015

Introducing the new EW2020 Series compact worklamps

EW2020 Series worklamps offer not only the choice of spot or flood illumination, but they also offer the latest technology and the very brightest white light for your application. These LED worklamps provide over 80,000 hours of maintenance free life expectancy coupled with extremely low amp draw. The EW2020’s can be surface or bracket mounted and are supplied with blue, black, chrome, and white bezels (available in singles and pairs).

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Fri 31, July 2015

New Dual Color Multi Mount Directional LED

Following up on the success of the ED3706 multi mount LED, ECCO's new compact ED3712 model features the same flexibility offering the choice of surface, tilt bracket, self-adhesive and edge mount. Whats new is the new optic for optimum, wide-angle light disperison and the flexibility of two color outputs within one unit. Comprising 12 LEDs, six of each color, the ED3712 can be programmed to flash either color optionindividually or to alternate colors.

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Tue 07, July 2015

Safety Solutions for the Utility Industry

The utility industry can be particularly dangerous. Whether you install gas pipelines and electric powerlines or maintain underground sewer systems, you need warning lights, worklamps, back-up alarms, and camera systems you can rely on to help you get the job done safely. ECCO’s latest brochure is designed to make product selection for the utility market easier. Do you want product descriptions, specifications, and even recommended installation locations in an easy-to-read, simplified format? ECCO’s got your Utility Solutions.

Mon 22, June 2015

Noise Pollution Solutions for Every Application

In the US, backing accidents account for up to 30% of all commercial vehicle collisions, and nearly 100 fatalities each year. Aside from the obvious physical dangers, insurance companies estimate that the average vehicle damage claim for backing incidents is $7,000. For more than 40 years, ECCO has been committed to manufacturing safety products to help reduce workplace accidents. Our latest brochure, Noise Pollution Solutions, will help you to understand today’s back-up alarm technology and to pick an alarm that fits your needs. Whether you need a light or heavy-duty alarm, need adjustable sound output, or work in residential areas, there’s an ECCO alarm for every commercial application. 

Thu 11, June 2015

ECCO Introduces Two New Spot Beam Arrows to Warn Pedestrians

The new EW2010 Series LED Pedestrian Arrows are specifically designed for material handling and warehouse environments where people frequently walk in close proximity to moving vehicles. Use the blue or red version to project an arrow on the ground in front of or to the rear of a vehicle. The EW2010 LED Pedestrian Arrows supplement traditional 360° warning lights, and can give advanced notice of an approaching vehicle even near blind corners. Featuring 12-56 VDC operation, an aluminum housing, and polycarbonate lens, the EW2010 is built to withstand impacts and high vibration typical in material handling applications. Learn more about the red and blue versions.

Tue 02, June 2015

ECCO Upgrades Oval Worklamp

You asked and we listened. We kept the popular E92001/2 housing, but upgraded the LEDs and reflectors. The result is the EW2340 (spot) and EW2341 (flood) with vastly improved light output—over 1,500 effective lumens from just four 10-watt LEDs. Other features include 12-24 VDC operation, aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens, and a 3-year warranty.

Thu 21, May 2015

New Heavy-Duty Worklamps from ECCO

Introducing the EW2330 Series worklamp. These new high-output, heavy-duty worklamps feature eight 10-watt LEDs that produce nearly 4,000 effective lumens of light intensity. Other features include 12-24VDC operation, aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens, and a 3-year warranty. Don’t let the heavy-duty stainless steel mounting bracket fool you. Sure, it can withstand the toughest environments, but it articulates, too, to give you the flexibility to send the beam just where you need it. These lights are ideal for many low-visibility applications and are available in either flood (EW2331) or spot (EW2330) beam.

Wed 13, May 2015

New Line of Utility Bars for Multiple Lighting Solutions

Suited to a wide range of applications from utility vehicles to tow trucks, ECCO utility bars feature the latest LED technology, extremely bright white light output, over 50,000 hours of maintenance-free life expectancy, and minimal amp draw. Rugged aluminum housings and polycarbonate lenses rated to IP67 for intrusion protection make the lamps well suited for even the most arduous applications. Options include a choice of: flood, spot, or flood/spot combination beams, single or double rows of LEDs, lengths from 8” to 49”, and high-intensity 10-watt models. See all models.

Tue 03, March 2015

New Compact Worklamps

ECCO's new mini square worklamps are available in either spot or flood beam and offer 550 effective lumens from an extremely compact unit. Features 12-24VDC operation and a 3 year warranty. Click here to view product infrmation.